Get Big Taste from the Big Easy


Introducing the New Kitchen Staple
Gourmet Seasoning Concentrate
It's New Orleans in a Jar!

Long ago in the kitchen of a renowned New Orleans restaurant, a local favorite recipe was born. With perfectly blended seasonings, intense flavor and a strange name, "BBQ" shrimp made its way into restaurants across the city. A little known fact was that for many years it was being produced and distributed by my late father, "Big Al" Bach.

Unfortunately due to a death in the family, my father had to abandon the "BBQ" shrimp business, but the recipe and the passion for the dish has lived on. Restaurant chefs began to invent their own versions of the popular shrimp dish, but there is only one original!

In honor of my dad's creativity and passion for great food, I have taken the
basic ingredients of the original recipe and developed a
 multi-purpose seasoning concentrate.


Create gourmet meals in minutes. Enjoy the flavor of New Orleans without all the work! 

      • shrimp
      • fish
      • chicken
      • ribs
      • pork
      • steak
      • wild game
      • pasta
      • potatoes
  • veggies
  • dipping sauce
  • sauce base
  • rubs
  • marinades
  • dressings
  • dips
  • blackened seasoning
  • sandwich spread

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